Leg 9 - Black Down to Kingsley Green (3.25 km)

(sp)signpost     (wm)waymark     (wms)waymarks


NB There is another National Trust car park at the entrance to Aldworth House about 250m SE on Tennyson's Lane.  To reach the Black Down information board from the entrance to Aldworth House, take footpath to right of National Trust Black Down marker (sp), and, following Sussex Border Path wms, climb through woods and gate onto wide track about 200m ahead.  Information board is ahead and Tennyson's Lane car parks are about 250m along track to R. 

Leave Tennyson's Lane car park on footpath (SE), keeping Tennyson's Lane on L.  Turn R onto vehicle track and continue ahead, passing further car park on R.  Continue ahead through gate and past information board.  [Footpath form here actually runs along top of high bank L (sp) parallel with track.]  In about 150m there is a viewpoint on high bank L with bench, offering extensive views over the South Downs National Park Continue ahead on main track, bearing R at sp (Sussex Border Path wm).

[To visit the Temple of the Four Winds - bear L at sp and follow footpath generally S through woods.  In about 1km, turn L (sp) to Temple of the Winds viewpoint and memorial.  Return to footpath and turn L at sp.  In about 500m turn R and: either fork R and, in about 750m, at Sussex Border Path turn L (NW) to rejoin Haslemere Hoop; or fork L and, in about 1km (generally N), at Sussex Border Path turn L (W) through gate onto bridleway (sp) to rejoin Haslemere Hoop.]

Ignoring all other footpaths L and R, continue ahead on Sussex Border Path bridleway (sp and wms) to main path junction.  Turn R on bridleway (sp) [One path from Temple of the Winds rejoins Haslemere Hoop here.].  Continue ahead , following Sussex Border Path bridleway (wms), turning L at fork and eventually passing through gate (sp) [One path from Temple of the Winds rejoins Haslemere Hoop here.].  Bear L (wm) and descend on narrow footpath to path junction (wms).

Turn L at path junction, leaving Sussex Border Path, passing through gate and descending on bridleway (wm) eventually becoming narrow path and emerging onto paved road at Wadesmarsh farmhouse.   Bear L (wm) and, at farmhouse entrance, turn L off paved road, passing lake on L onto bridleway (sp).  Follow bridleway through Lye Wood onto metalled Fernden Lane (sp), turning L then R (sp) onto metalled restricted byway to Sheetlands.  Follow metalled road over ridge for about 500m to junction with bridleway (sp) and private road.  Turn R (generally W) onto restricted byway and descend, ignoring footpath R (wm), to junction with bridleway at rear of buildings (sp). 

[To finish walk at Red Lion pub, Fernhurst (about 2km): Continue ahead here on narrow restricted byway (sp) (generally SW).  In about 100m path widens into track, descending between property boundaries.  Continue ahead and, in about 200m, path rises through woods and in about 100m joins vehicle track (wm).  Bear L and continue ahead on restricted byway, ignoring footpath L.  At houses, pass through gate (sp) onto metalled drive, keeping houses on R.  In about 150m, pass Copyhold sign on L and bear L, ignoring L and R turns, onto footpath (sp). Pass through gate with stile and descend, keeping field boundary on L.  In about 150m, cross stile (wm) and continue to descend along field boundary.  At bottom L corner of field, continue ahead over stile at field gate (sp) and cross metalled drive over further stile (wm) and continue ahead on footpath, descending between field boundaries (still generally SW) to field gate with stile (wm).  Continue ahead over stile onto wide grassy track between houses, passing field gate (wm) onto metalled drive.  Continue ahead onto metalled road (sp).  Turn L and follow road down past houses.  Red Lion pub is about 250m on L.] 

Turn R onto bridleway, passing behind buildings (wm) onto metalled road (sp) at entrance to Shalford House  Bear R onto road and continue ahead for about 150m, passing entrance to The Beeches on R and turn R into entrance to Parkfield House, turning L just before entrance gates onto bridleway (sp). Follow bridleway, turning R before gate (wm).  Continue ahead between property boundaries and, ignoring footpath R (sp), emerge onto vehicle track (wm). Turn L and follow track to junction with paved Hatch Lane, turning R (wm) and emerging onto main Midhurst Road (A286) at Kingsley Green.


Congratulations : you have completed the Haslemere Hoop

and are back at the start of Leg 1.


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