A walk devised by Neil Hook

This walk follows public footpaths and bridleways on a circular route through the neighbouring villages and countryside around Haslemere.  The route is designed to enjoy most of the National Trust sites in the area, running directly through several.  It is divided into 9 short legs, each one beginning or ending at a car park or bus stop, in one or two cases both.  One of the start points (Waggoner's Wells car park), because of it's remoteness, is about 8kms from Haslemere station, but the others are mostly about half that (directions to nearby bus stops given in the text).  6 legs end at or near a local hostelry; the others end a short walk away (all indicated in the directions).  And of course the Station House pub is directly opposite Haslemere station itself.  This format gives walkers an opportunity to plan where to start their walk - whether to walk one leg at a time or to combine two or more on one outing, whether to take a bus or a car to the start of a leg, or whether to take taxis to and from Haslemere station.  The total length of the walk is 25kms (15.6 miles), so it might easily be undertaken in 2 outings; the walk from the start of Leg 1 to the end of Leg 5 is 12kms.  Throughout the directions, the position of signposts (sp) and waymarks (wm/wms) is given to assist with orientation.  Enjoy!



The Sections

Leg 1 - Kingsley Green to Linchmere Common

Leg 2 - Linchmere Common to Hammer Vale

Leg 3 - Hammer Vale to Waggoner's Wells

Leg 4 - Waggoner's Wells to Grayshott

Leg 5 - Grayshott to Hindhead

Leg 6 - Hindhead to Grayswood

Leg 7 - Grayswood to Ansteadbrook

Leg 8 - Ansteadbrook to Black Down

Leg 9 - Black Down to Kingsley Green






Click here to go to more information to help you plan your walk including, a top level map, distances, bus routes, and pubs.